A Heartfelt Message From The Global Weddings Team In Response To Covid-19 And The Move To Wedding Postponements
A Heartfelt Message From The Global Weddings Team In Response To Covid-19 And The Move To Wedding Postponements

To all of our lovely Brides from past and present, amazing vendors that have become like family, steadfast friends around the world and staunch supporters of our business, we want to start off by thanking you sincerely for all the positive messages and well wishes! This is obviously a difficult time for those that had events planned, and the international events industry as a whole. 

However, we have been blown away by the support and understanding shown towards us in the last week from everyone! Including those with events planned that are feeling pressure, like many are, but have been a dream to work through things with, finding individually tailored solutions and postponing until things settle down. 

Firstly, we hear and understand your concerns. From your personal safety and wellbeing, the situation in our locations like Bali, and of course the problems with travel and guests having difficulty making it to your wedding. 

While some of our couples have made the decision to go ahead with their plans in 2020, but later in the year, we know that others are still uncertain of what they are going to do. We truly understand both sides of this, and look at every event and every client as a stand-alone situation to work through together. We do have many clients, but are fortunate, now more than ever, that we have always prioritised quality over quantity, meaning we can easily accommodate each and every one of you with custom solutions specific to you and your wedding. 

To all of our friends, vendors, suppliers and stakeholders around the globe, thank you for your support! We want to let you know that we will still be here when this is all over. In fact, we are going to be busier than ever making dreams a reality for all of our Brides when things return to normal, which they will. As things are changing daily, we don’t want to put an exact timeframe on this, nor treat it lightly, but of course this will eventually pass and we will still be here, planning, coordinating and styling incredible weddings for destination Brides! 
We are lucky that the business has been around for a long time now, and we have built strong relationships with the best vendors in the game who will also make it through this with us. The level of cooperation from them has been truly heart-warming. We have been working together so long and built such strong relationships with them over the last decade that it feels strange to call them vendors! They are more like family to us now. 

Which is why we were not surprised when they joined us in accommodating those that require it, with moving non-refundable deposits that they have already incurred expenses with, to postponed dates in the not too distant future. We don’t want to speak too much for how this is being treated elsewhere around the world, but we are incredibly proud of everyone we work with in seeing the big picture and doing everything possible to ensure things are ready to go ahead later on in the year. 

With our vendors working so well with us in accommodating postponements, we are expecting and planning for a busy season when things return to something more normal. And what better way to come together with family and friends after this, than with an incredible destination wedding with people from around the world that mean the most to you. People will be more than ready for some extreme happiness in their lives, and we will be there to make that a reality! 

The team here at Global Weddings will remain as busy as ever over the next month. We will still be staying active on social media, to give you all some future inspiration during any downtime some of you may have in certain pockets of the world, so we encourage you to get involved and be sure to let us know if there is anything you would love to see, hear or talk about. 

We will also be hard at work improving our own internal processes, so that we are in the best shape ever to handle the increased number of weddings we will need to accommodate later on when the postponements will take place alongside the existing schedule. It’s a challenge, but one we are looking forward to and are more than up for! 
We hope this has helped a little bit with some of the uncertainty floating around at the moment, but we remain positive and still look forward to creating some amazing weddings this year. 

So, from the team at Global Weddings in our Melbourne and Bali offices, we say thank you for your understanding and love, which we will of course be returning to everyone at every opportunity possible! 

Narelle Williams, Michelle Williams, Kylie Parmley, Putu Krisma, Hayley Gough, Leah Nielsen, & Made Juli